Ex-BoC officer Guban detained for contempt

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Congress plenary hall

A JOINT panel in the House of Representatives on Thursday cited for contempt former customs intelligence officer Jimmy S. Guban over conflicting statements during the inquiry on large-scale smuggling of illegal drugs in the country. The House committee on dangerous drugs and good government, and the committee on public accountability pressed Mr. Guban for engaging in the “consignees for hire” practice after he admitted the company SMYD Trading had given him commission worth “P10,000 or P15,000.” Mr. Guban argued it had been a long accepted practice in the Bureau of Customs (BoC), which Commissioner Isidro S. Lapeña denied. “The use of other consignees other than that of the bureau is not allowed, and they can be criminally liable,” Mr. Lapeña told the joint panel.—Charmaine A. Tadalan